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How much do you know about new technology locks or about dealing with issues related to your deadbolts? If you are often locked out and looking how to avoid such problems, check these FAQ about locks and keys, as they will help

Where should I keep spare keys?

It is certainly not wise to keep them in fake rocks, the mailbox and other hollow objects in your yard. It is best to leave one with a trusted neighbor or with a close friend who lives nearby. Another option is to have a special locked key box installed on one of the exterior walls of your house.

Do file cabinet locks need care?

Given that they are indoors, they are well protected. Still, you can clean them annually and apply a little bit of lubricant if they become hard to turn. Our professionals recommend that they are handled gently during locking and unlocking. You must not apply too much force. If a lock does not work normally, it should be checked and fixed.

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