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Want to secure your business premises? Find out how a commercial locksmith can help you and how to ensure you find the right man for the job with these tips. Here, you can also learn about a wide array of lock and key products to fit your needs and budget.

Upgrade locks on a regular basis

This is recommended for both commercial buildings and homes. Our technicians explain that locking technology advances too fast nowadays and if you do not keep up with it, you will have lower security. For most buildings, the installation of new locks every five years will keep the level of security optimal at all times.

Check the independent test results when buying a safe

Safes are tested for resistance to fire, water and unauthorized access by independent laboratories. The achieved results are recorded and certified. Often, you will find proof of the testing directly on the package. The product will have the lab’s stamp of approval. You should also be able to see the certificates from the lab.

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